Words to Use in Job Interviews

During job interviews, recruiters pay special attention to certain keywords and phrases that show you have the knowledge of the position and confidence that would make you a perfect fit.  You need the ability to effectively communicate to the recruiter your superior skill set to ensure that you have the competitive advantage.

You can do this is by slipping in a few specific phrases into your job interview. With that in mind, we have compiled some phrases and keywords for you to keep in mind during your  next interview.   


Let the hiring manager know about projects that you took the “initiative” on.  Be ready to discuss the results of that “initiative.” Hiring managers like hiring people that they don’t have to micromanage and tell what to do.


When you use the word “we” you are telling the hiring manager that you are already envisioning yourself on their team.  It also uses a bit of the “power of suggestion” by putting yourself as a “we” in your conversation.  You may even notice the hiring manager use the word after you use it.


Let the hiring manager know that you have a “plan” in mind for being successful in the position. 

Willingness to Learn:

Being adaptable and open to learning new methods is considered an asset by employers.  Reference industry articles about current and emerging trends. As well as,  as your “willingness to learn” from mentors and classes.


Let the interviewer know that you have a desire to excel and that you are a highly “motivated” person.   Discuss how your motivation helped you in past positions and how you are confident that it will help you in your new role.


When you tell the interviewer that you are “excited” about the position, they hear that you are motivated and won’t take the job for granted. “Excited” says, “I really want the job and will do my best when I get it.” Employers desire optimistic employees. Excitement demonstrates your optimism.

Ask Questions in Job Interviews:

Asking questions is important in any interview because it shows the interviewer that you are taking your career seriously.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life”.     

-Wayne Dyer

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