Is It Time for an ERP System Upgrade?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are used to streamline functions in HR, finance, and supply chain management. Essentially, the system should enable the processes to run smoother and have a positive impact on production.    However, as with any system, ERPs must be upgraded occasionally in order to ensure that only the best technology is being used. Because the transition period can be complicated, it’s important to ensure that you’re actually ready for the upgrade and that your company is in the best position to accomplish it. Here are a few signs that your business will benefit from an ERP system upgrade:

Low Productivity

One of the first signs that you need an ERP system upgrade is that your team is suffering from low productivity across the board. For example, without proper systems in place to streamline tasks, much of your team’s time might be being spent working around issues and on mundane tasks. An upgrade will ensure that they don’t have to get mired down in tedious processes, thus increasing productivity.

Your Current System is Complicated

Have you noticed that nobody on your team really knows how to use the ERP to its fullest capacity? This could be because it is just too complicated. Remember, these systems should simplify and not muddle.

If your employees would rather use outdated methods than your system, then this could mean that they simply don’t see the benefit in the current ERP. Take time to talk to them about what they would like to see in an upgrade and then incorporate those changes appropriately.

Your ERP is Not Cloud-Based

Most companies are resorting to a cloud-based ERP system. Keep in mind; the cloud system offers more upgrades and options than other non-cloud-based solutions. Not to mention, keeping your business tied to a local server may be putting your company at unnecessary risk. It may feel overwhelming to make the leap, but there are training solutions that will help you better understand this option.

If you’re ready for an ERP system upgrade, check out these Questions to Ask Before an ERP upgrade.