Qualities that Make Great Leaders

Opinions vary about the traits of great leaders. However, a common thread seems to be that, those who focus on being an effective leader, are likely to become better leaders; perhaps even great.

The Leader is There for the Business

This quality is all-encompassing! It involves being available for customers, employees, vendors, stakeholders, and the community-at-large.

The leader:

  • Takes extra steps to keep the lines of communication open on the behalf of the business.
  • Consistently develops and updates business strategies.
  • Recognizes their colleagues’ efforts and triumphs.

Live with Leadership

Our history’s greatest leaders have all  had the habit of carrying their leadership with them, day in and out. They use words, tone of voice, a smile, or an encouraging gesture to show appreciation for others’ work and abilities.

They balance the serious side of the workplace with positivity and enthusiasm.

A leader shows trust by supporting others with the tasks at hand. No micro-managing or off-putting comments. Just guidance, encouragement, and reflection when something is amiss.

Great Leaders Continually Assess Themselves

They check in with others and their internal radars to decide next steps for becoming more effective. Some read about other’s, learning to adopt the practices of people they admire. Others journal to ferret out negativity.

  • Changing one’s behaviors is noticed by others.
    • They proudly take steps to advance their abilities.
  • A leader who seeks feedback garners respect and trust.

Communication is Key

Good Communication is key to building and strengthening relationships and businesses. Great leaders continually:

  • Listen, observe, reflect, and ask questions.
  • Keep their emotions in check.
  • Acknowledge mistakes and know how to apologize.
  • Avoid making hasty decisions and jumping to conclusions.
  • Gather input from others to make sound decisions.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Encourage others to pursue their own growth.

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