Increase Your Worth with 3 Technology Skills

Possessing big data skills will set you apart from the crowd in the finance industry. According to recent polls, there is a massive gap between the need for advanced technology skills and the number of finance professionals who have them. If you want to make yourself more marketable and earn more money, then these are the technology skills you need to have:

Operational Analysis

Learning operational analysis allows you to review machine data and business data to create functional solutions for the company. The incredible statistic behind this skill is that 82% of financing and accounting managers indicate that this is a highly sought-after skill set, but only 28% of the workforce has this particular talent. Learn this skill, and you are sure to be in high demand!

Data Mining and Extraction

The technique of data mining and extraction allows people to evaluate big data and then identify patterns and outcomes that could impact customer relationships and improve company efficiency. Again, there is a significant gap in the need for this skillset and the current ability in the workplace.

Identifying Data Trends

There is currently a 29% talent gap when it comes to identifying data trends. Current studies show that identifying data trends is certainly among the most beneficial skills to have. However, less than half of finance teams have a data trends expert. Understanding trends allows professionals the ability to make strategic plans that can remedy current issues and even avoid problems in the future.

Technology Skills Overview

There are a variety of technology skills that are highly sought after in the finance industry. However, there aren’t enough professionals to currently fills those roles. This indicates that people can focus on learning these new skillsets and then not only become more marketable in the marketplace but could even ask for higher pay.

Professionals in the finance industry must be up to date with the latest in-demand technology skills. If you are lacking, then it’s time to look into training opportunities so you can set yourself apart from the rest.

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