Clearing Your Mind So You Can Do A Better Job

Before engaging in any type of project, you need to be mentally and physically prepared. Thinking strategically is nearly impossible if you are not in the right frame of mind. This is why clearing your mind is so important to your well being and productivity.

A leading source of distraction is the act of attempting to remember all of your daily tasks and commitments, which can lead to cognitive overload. By writing down or calendaring your tasks, you can free-up space in your mind, allowing you to focus more clearly on “what you are doing” and not “what are you supposed to be doing.”  This critical thinking technique is referred to as the Mind Sweep in David Allen’s Getting Things Done System.    Below, we have some more useful tips to help you do your best work and feel better, too.

Clearing Your Mind With Stress Busters

Tension and stress disrupt clear thinking. They limit focus, create tight muscles, cause headaches, and upset digestion. To bust stress in simple ways:

  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Do stretches at your desk or even the photo copier.
  • Drive different routes to work to break up the routine.
  • Rotate your wrists and ankles several times a day to reduce tension and promote circulation.
  • Smile, even when you don’t have a reason…it works!

 Be Active!

Being active includes exercise, though not entirely. Give yourself credit for the many ways you are active, including these and others.

  • Using the stairs multiple times per day at home or work.
  • Yard and house work.
  • Dancing, regardless of who is watching.

Use Food to Clear Your Mind

Food can boost or break your focus. Read the following and see what you think!

  • Limit dense carbs that slow digestion.
  • Caffeine boosts focus—too much will cause jitters.
  • A piece of fruit or cup of juice adds focus.
  • Eat a daily dose of nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate to boost focus.

 After you have mastered clearing your mind, check out these tips about how to Become More Successful at Work.