How to Boost Your Strategic Thinking Skills

As a finance and accounting professional you know how important it is to establish quality strategic thinking skills.  But how?

Create New Relationships

Outside influence can absolutely enhance your strategic thinking skills. Learning how other people tackle issues can help you learn to think outside the box, too. Surround yourself with people who know the strategy and then learn everything you can from their successes and failures.

Stop taking every answer at face value. Instead, learn to think about issues critically and from more than one perspective. Ask questions and consider the response. Don’t get too comfortable with how things are, instead focus on how change could be good for the business.

Ask Questions

Seek Out Opportunities to Grow Strategic Thinking Skills

The financial field is always transitioning. Don’t be afraid of it, but instead, focus on embracing it. With every new system or upgrade, make it your priority to understand what it is and how it works. Learn to move forward with change and don’t get bogged down in the fact that nothing remains the same. Seek out training, discussions, and opportunities in which you can learn new skills. Not only will you be an asset to your company, but you will be more marketable in the field.


You can’t always be on. In fact, after a while, you may start to feel depleted. If this happens, allow yourself to rest. Give yourself ample downtime in order to reflect and apply what you’ve learned. You certainly don’t want your brain to get overwhelmed by all the new information. Instead, give yourself some time to process it so you can learn even more!

Become a Decision Maker

Once you’re able to think and plan strategically, then you should be able to make better decisions with precision. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never make a mistake, but it does mean that you’ll gain confidence in making a choice and learning from its outcome whatever that may be.

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