2 Ways to Motivate Employees

There are two methods to motivate employees. One is extrinsic from external sources. The other is intrinsic from internal sources. Capitalizing on the benefits of each type of motivator stimulates drive and overall achievement. Review these motivating actions, noting those you already do!

The Engaged Leader

Employees look to you for direction, guidance and encouragement.

  • Give clear, concise directions.
    • This applies to organizational direction as well as details.
    • Check in with your employees to identify any needed clarity.
  • Individualize employee and work group guidance.
    • This assures that the business mission and procedures are accurately implemented.
    • Conduct course correction when a team or individual needs coaching to meet expectations.
  • Give individual attention to build trust, foster loyalty, and encourage performance.
    • By being “present,” your employees will feel connected with you.
    • Acknowledge individuals personally to help them relate to you and your business.
    • Listen to their concerns and ideas to foster engagement.
    • Express sincere gratitude and compliments to boost morale.
    • Work side-by-side with employees to demonstrate interest in their tasks and responsibilities.

Offering Opportunities Will Motivate Employees

Offer your employees opportunities that are meaningful while adding business value.

  • Hire from within to:
    • Motivate employees by rewarding and encouraging excellence.
    • Build internal capacity as employees grow with the business.
    • Decrease employee concerns of being overlooked in favor of outside talent.
  • Invest in skill development by:
    • Offering incentives for taking courses that align with business goals.
    • Providing on the job training that improves work outcomes.
    • Garnering interest in projects that build on and expand existing skills.

Environment Matters

A positive office atmosphere can encourage engagement and motivation.

  • Consider an office redesign that:
    • Includes good lighting.
    • Improves health, as with standing/sitting stations, ergonomically designed furniture, etc.
    • Incorporates comfortable small group meeting/break areas.
  • Relationships:
    • Encourage an atmosphere of transparency with an open exchange of ideas.
    • Build on common work and life interests to promote group cohesion.

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