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Case Study

Multi-Billion-Dollar, Global Entertainment Studio Engages DLC for Transformational Change

Overview and Project Background

The client was undergoing significant organizational, system and process change related to transformation programs. The client needed a resource solution to ensure business as usual work remained accurate and timely while employees devoted time to the transformation projects.

After an initial evaluation, the DLC team identified the client’s current situation and their emerging needs:

• Key leaders were being pulled into high priority transformation projects, making it difficult to complete business as usual activity.

• The client needed experienced financial system implementation and process change skillsets to effectively complete the transformation project.

• Because of the high level of criticality, the customer required a robust and high-quality solution.

The DLC Approach

The DLC team provided execution focused consultants at the Manager level and the client engaged DLC to assess the current state and identify resource gaps that could hinder the organization’s success. The project team was led by former CFOs and Controllers on the DLC team in order to provide advisory and strategic direction on the transformation initiatives needed by the client.

The DLC team worked closely with the client over a period of 18 months to construct and execute a solid and continuous plan to meet the clients’ needs. During the project, the DLC team remained adaptable through office closures, remote work transitions and efforts to return to the office due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

DLC Executed

  • Collaboration and communication with client’s finance, accounting, and operational teams to identify capacity and skill gaps by assessing existing personnel levels and talent.
  • An immediate plan of action that included DLC’s assistance with business as usual operations.
  • Advisory on implementation and execution for transformation targets by relying on DLC’s pool of knowledge and expertise.
  • A nimble approach for supplying the necessary talent to reach capacity and skill levels required to get the job done.

The Results

The DLC team established a plan to execute transformation initiatives and built a roadmap for the client to ensure continued success. By implementing DLC’s strategy, the client was able to continuously meet the needs of their various lines of business and successfully execute three major transformation objectives. At the end of the partnership, the client realized tens of millions of dollars in savings as well as increased efficiency in processes and systems.

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